Ben Eeley is a Camera, Ωmega AR and Steadicam operator with bases in London, Manchester and Oxford, working on a varied array of productions ranging from Features, Dramas, Commercials to Music Videos.

Ben is known as a polite and professional operator who connects well with the crew he works with and is always set and ready for anything needed of him.

Ben has a wide range of experience when it comes to camera systems from high end, 35mm film builds to lighter RED and Alexa Mini configurations.

As well as a conventional Steadicam Operator Ben is also trained on the MK-V  Ωmega system. The technology allows for the camera to be independently tilted form the rig, dead to the centre of the lens an infinite amount of times while also allowing the operator to go from inches from the ground to a high angle within the same shot. The MK-V  Ωmega opens up a new world of creativity from traditional steadicam. Please contact with any questions.

Ben takes huge pride in his work and has devoted his career path into the art of framing, composition and camera moment.

Please contact Exec management for availability enquiries.

E:     P: 01753646677