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Ben is a camera, steadicam and MK-V AR operator based in London with bases in Manchester and Oxford.

Ben has spent the last 4.5 years honing the craft of camera operating features, dramas, commercials and music promos. He mainly works in the UK but has spent a good amount of time working elsewhere, from the Middle East, too Africa and across Europe and is always ready to fly for any project.

Where Ben started off mainly in the promo and commercial world where he has worked with such talent and brands as Ed Sheeran, Dior, Harrods, Uber and TNT sport just to name a few. However he has spent the last few years of his career working more in narrative receiving his ACO (Association of Camera Operators) in 2022. He has recently wrapped as the B Camera/Steadicam Operator on Breeders Season 4 staring Martin Freeman.

Ben is always looking to meet and work with new creatives to further push his art of camera operating.


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